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Fullwave Studios is a fully equipped home recording studio located in Eastvale, CA, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting. Check out our setup and click on the links for vendors.
  • Mac Studio

  • Apollo x8p 18x24, 8xDSP

  • Apollo Twin Solo

  • Logic Pro X

  • FaderPort 8 Mixing Board

  • Maschine MK3 Drum Ctrl

  • Komplete Control S49 MK2

  • ATC SMC25A Three way studio monitors

  • Audioscape EQP-1A Pultec Tube EQ (x2)

  • Warm Audio WA76 FET Compressor (x2)

  • Warm Audio WA2A Opto Compressor

  • Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beast Preamp

  • Rupert Neve Design Portico II Master Buss Processor

  • Rupert Neve Designs R10 ten space 500 series rack

  • Warm Audio Stereo BUS-COMP buss compressor

  • Elysia XPressor 500 Series

  • API 550A 500 Series (x2)

  • API 550B 500 Series (x2)

  • BAE 1073MPF Dual Channel Preamp w/Steve Stevens Blend Mod

  • BAE 1084/1028 Preamp

  • Chandler Limited Type REDD.47 EMI LTD Mic Pre

  • API 3124V Four Channel Preamp

  • Empirical Labs EL8x Distresstors (x2)

  • Elysia NVelope Transient 500 Series module

  • Standard Audio Level-or MK2

  • Cloud 2-Channel Preamp

  • Fender '64 Deluxe Reverb

  • Peavey 5150 Head

  • Blackstar Club 40

  • Roland Jazz Chorus

  • Fender BluesJr 15W 1x12 Combo

  • Vox AC15C1 15W 1x12 Tube w/Blue Alnicos

  • Primacoustic Speaker Recoil Stabilizers

  • Countryman Active DI

  • Radial Engineering EXTC Reamp FX 500 Series

  • Gibson Les Pauls

  • Gibson Explorer

  • Fender Stratocaster

  • Gretsch Hollowbody

  • Ibanez RG-220

  • Guild/Fender Acoustics

  • Classical Guitar

  • Flamenco Guitar

  • Peavey Bass Guitar

  • Upright Piano

  • Moog Subsequent 37

  • Native Instrument 88 keys

  • Komplete Ultimate

  • iZotope Ozone, Neutron, Nectar, RX 

  • Abbey Road Reverb Plates, Chambers, TG Master, Vinyl, J37 Tape

  • SSL-E and G Channels Strips and G-Master Buss Compresser

  • CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76

  • dbx-160 Compresser

  • Valhalla Plugins

  • Soundtoys Bundle - Echoboy, Decapitator, Crystallizer, FilterFreak, Microshift, PanMan, etc

  • Universal Audio - Neve1073, Fairchild 660/670, Ampex ATR-120 & Struder A800 Tape Recorder, Manley Massive Passive,

  • FabFilter Pro-Q3

  • Torque & Smack Attack

  • many others....

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