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Hello, my name is Richard D. Carrasco and I own Fullwave Studios.  I have degrees as an Electrical Engineer (BSEE & MSEE) and also as a music composer, producer, recording engineer, and musician.  I have been performing, composing, recording, and producing music for the past 20+ years and created Fullwave Studios to help those that aim to create unique and original music that challenges audiences.

I use my years of experience with production, engineering, composing, and recording techniques, to help clients create music for artists, bands, singer/songwriters, businesses, film, and TV.  I have created and performed across all forms of genres but mainly composed for rock, punk, pop, and live bands for music synchronization for music libraries and sync agents. I also compose and produce for other musicians, and can assist in creating your sound or help in completing music. I enjoy teaching and mentoring in the field of audio engineering, recording engineering, and music production. 

Fullwave Studios is my own private music production studio located in Eastvale, California (about 40 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, CA).  Fullwave Studios was acoustically designed by Gavin Haverstick of Haverstick Designs and it is a 700 sq-ft acoustically treated building with multiple sound isolated rooms, bathroom, and environmentally controlled area.  Fullwave Studios houses world-class equipment from Rupert Neve, BAE, API, Chandler Limited, Empirical Labs, Undertone, Burl, Flea, Lauten Audio, Audioscape, Warm Audio, ATC, and Universal Audio.  

If you are serious about your music, so am I.  All I care about is working with artists that give a shit about their music and want it released into the world.  Send me an email if you have any questions at

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