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Hello, my name is Richard D. Carrasco and I am a degreed Electrical Engineer by day (BSEE & MSEE) and a composer, producer, recording engineer, and musician by night.  I have been performing, composing, recording, and producing music for the past 20+ years for fun and decided to create Fullwave Studios to help those that aim to create unique and original music that challenge audiences.


I use my years of production, engineering, composing, recording techniques, to help artist create custom music and sound design for singer/songwriters, business, bands, film, and TV.  I have created and performed across all forms of genres and composed for rock, punk, and hip-hops, live bands, as well as composing works for other musicians, creating sounds and music for children books and stories. I also have enjoyed giving guitar and music theory lessons to friends and family, so teaching is also a passion I have and a service I now provide at my home at Fullwave Studios.

Fullwave Studios is my private home studio where I record, mix, compose, and give music lesson and it is  located in Eastvale, CA.  As my side hustle, my family and I enjoy spending time in the studio and hope to provide my experience and studio for your productions and music opportunities.


If you are serious about your music, so am I.  All I care about is working with producers and artist that give a shit about there music and want it released into the world.  Send me an email if you have any questions at

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